Razer Orochi – The Benefits Of A Wireless Gaming Mouse

I’ve recently had the privilege of testing out the newest version of the Razer Orochi. I was encountering a problem with my Razer Ouroboros and I thought it was time for a change. The Orochi came with a 2013 version, whose core changes are the illumination colors (from blue to green) and the overall texture from a glossy to a matte surface. It was an improvement over the previous edition simply due to these 2 huge features but I had to be convinced that I should get the new Orochi over the Ouroboros or even the Logitech G700 which I had stored up. You have some of the best gaming mouse features like braided cables if you decide to use it in its wired mode, a strong build quality and an all round beautiful appearance. Razer has this thing for its product designs, whether it’s a keyboard or a mouse. Most of them just look awesome when placed on a gamer’s desk and even more so when coupled with a blend of peripherals all having a matching backlighting color.

razer orochiThe only thing about the Razer Orochi 2013 that initially held me back was simply the fact that it feels really small in my palms. Granted, I have relatively large hands but that shouldn’t be an issue since many people have hands of a similar, if not bigger, size than mine. After using a claw grip on the Orochi for a couple of hours, I could feel my fingers getting cramped up. This happened when I was playing Elder’s Scroll Skyrim, which is a relatively non-taxing game. I’d expect my cramps to get worse if I fired up FPS shooter games like Counterstrike or Call of Duty. Also, you might want to note that the Orochi is an ambidextrous gaming mouse. It isn’t built specifically for right handed users so you may not get as good an experience than if you were to go for say, the DeathAdder (arguably the best gaming mouse as of 2014), which will pretty much be making appearances in any list of gaming mice. Left handed players, on the other hand, might find this useful since almost no other gaming mice were made specifically for lefties, with the exception being the DeathAdder left hand edition. I’m not too concerned about the DPI levels of mice because most of them have over 4000 DPI anyway, which is definitely sufficient for most gaming purposes. In case you’re wondering however, the Orochi has 6400 DPI. Is it the best wireless mouse for gaming? Well, that really depends on what you would want in a gaming mouse. Comfort, performance or looks? It fares well in all of these that’s for sure.

As for the buttons, they have really comfortable positions and are ergonomically placed at the sides for easy reach. I didn’t even have to stretch out my thumb or pinky to click on those additional buttons at the sides. The clicks for the side buttons seem rather flimsy however and they give me the impression that they’re made out of cheap plastic. This is rather unfortunate since I was hoping the side buttons had a build quality that was at least on par with the 2 main buttons seeing as how the programmable buttons on a gaming mouse is as important, if not more, than the main ones. A thing I loved about the Razer Orochi is the design, in particular the battery compartments which are smartly hidden right under the top surface of the mouse. You can pry out the top, which are attached with magnets, to access these compartments.

I did notice a slight drawback with the Orochi and that’s its low DPI and polling rate when you use it in its wireless mode. Since this gaming mouse had been built with wireless use in mind, it’s unfortunate that they had to sacrifice a bit of performance to allow for this wireless option. I found myself having to constantly use it in its wired mode and that kind of defeats the purpose of me getting a wireless gaming mouse. If you’re absolutely looking for wireless mice for gaming, always first look at the polling rate and sensor type that they have since these specs will have the most substantial effects on your gaming performance. Click here for more information regarding the type of wireless mouse that you’ll need for gaming.

steelseries sensei mouseIf you desire to go for a 100% wired gaming mouse, I would suggest taking a look at the SteelSeries Sensei instead. You might not get much out of the Sensei in terms of its design but at least it’s extremely reliable. The last I checked, it has the highest DPI among all the gaming mice today at 11,400. Plus, SteelSeries is a well known gaming brand in itself and some of its other peripherals like headsets and mousepads are very popular among the best gamers in the world. On top of that, its ergonomics is simply top notch and feels extremely comfortable. If you have ever owned a Razer DeathAdder, they pretty much feel the same and that’s a good thing. It is priced at a rather high $90 though while the DeathAdder only costs $70.

Additionally, the Synapse 2.0 software that comes with the latest Razer hardware is also very intuitive and user-friendly. I didn’t have to read any manuals or guides to work my way through it. You could simply choose to plug in and play your games without installing any software but with the Synapse, you can save up multiple gaming profiles for your different games. You can set the macros, key bindings, sensitivity and more within this particular software and the best part is that you need not worry about having to copy over the saved profiles to your laptop and whatnot since the profiles will all be saved in a cloud server instead of on your PC or laptop.

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